Here are some of the recordings I have been part of in my music journey:
El Violin Latino - Gregor Huebner
The Cuban Band
Gregor Huebner (violin)
Karen Joseph (flute)
Mappy Torres (poet)
Klaus Mueller (piano)
Ruben Rodriguez (baby bass)
Johnny Almendra (timbales)
Louis Bauzo (bongos)
Jerome Goldschmidt (congas)

The Tango Ensemble
Gregor Huebner (violin)
Raul Jaurena (bandoneon)
Octavio Brunetti (piano)
Pedro Giraudo (bass)

The Brazilian Band
Gregor Huebner (violin)
Klaus Mueller (piano)
Lincoln Goines (bass)
Portinho (drums)
Mambo Mongo - Mongo Santamaria and Friends
I would like to thank Eddie Rodriguez & Johnny Almendra who gave me the opportunity to play with legendary Mongo Santamaria.
Recorded in 1993 (Chesky Records)

Ramón “Mongo” Santamaría (April 7, 1922 in Havana, Cuba – February 1, 2003) was an Afro-Cuban percussionist. He is most famous for being the composer of the jazz standard “Afro Blue”.
Quien Mato a Hector Lavoe? - Domingo Quiñones
  • Domingo Quiñones as Hector Lavoe
  • Oscar Hernandez Director Musical, Piano
  • Jerry Madera, Bajo
  • Jérôme Goldschmidt Congas, Percusión
  • Steve Lopez Bongos, Percusión
  • Juan A. Nieves Trombón, Cuatro
  • Reynaldo Jorge Trombon Segundo
  • Johnny Pacheco, Herman Oliviera, Ray Coro
  • Pablo Cabrera, Escrata y dirigida

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Power Sound Studio Amsterdam by Paul Pouwer 2010.
Shlomit - vocals
Amina Figarova - piano
Bart Platteau - flutes
Jeroen Vierdag - bass
Jerome Goldschmidt - percussion
Chris "Buckshot" Strik - drums

Cuba Bata Drums
by Iluyenkori
"A tribute to Yemaya and Ochun"

This disc «opens up an enchanted world, that of primordial waters, salt water and fresh water placed by the Lucumis under the power of these two divinities»:
Yemaya for salt water, Ochun for fresh water, two symbols of life, from the source to the ocean, which remind us, in these times of necessary ecological awareness, of that insistent truth that «without water there is no life», a truth from the mythology of the Yoruba of Africa, transmitted to the Cuban «Lucumis» via the slave trade. More than a century after the end of slavery in Cuba, the songs and dances of Ochun and Yemaya are still very much alive in the ceremonies of the Afro-Cuban cult of the santeria or «regla de ocha».
Roger Fixy: Percussions
Jerome Goldschmidt: Percussions
Daniela Giacone: Soliste
Annick Ruscade McLorin: Choeur
Carole Benoit: Choeur
Diane Tytgat: Choeur
Leticia Leiman: Choeur
Trombón con Sazón - The Latin Jazz Coalition & Demetrios Kastaris
Demetrios Kastaris – trombone, bass trombone, conch shells, shofar, coro, arranger, leader; Pete McGuinness – trombone, arranger; Ray Vega, Steve Gluzband – trumpet, flugelhorn; Connie Grossman – flute, wood flute; Alí Bello – violin; Oscar Hernandez – piano; Paquito Pastor – piano, arranger; Mario Rodriguez – bass; Jerome Goldschmidt – congas, shekere; Angél Rodriguez – bongos, shekere, bells, quinto, coro; Victor Rendón – timbales; Johnny Rodriguez – güiro, maracas; Hiram Remón – sonero; Special Guests: Claudio Roditi – trumpet, flugelhorn; Dave Valentin – flute, alto flute, wood flutes, ocarina, whistles; Mitch Frohman – tenor saxophone; Ray (Rico) Rodriguez – baritone saxophone; Edy Martinez, Sr., Kimson Plaut – piano; Jeff Kruh – piano, synthesizer (vibes); Freddy Zanella – bass; Andrew Sussman – cello; Memo Acevedo – timbales, drums, Brazilian percussion, coro.

New York Lounge - Gregor Huebner
Gregor Huebner - Violin/Keyboards
Matthias Schneider Hollek - Programming/Flutes
Klaus Burger - Trombone/Trumpet/Bass/Shells/Voice
Alex Alexander - Percussion
Jerome Goldschmidt - Percussion
Nicolas Thys - E Bass/Double Bass
Dave Eggar - Cello
Theo Bleckmann - Voice
Jocelyn Masset - Voice
Jorg Zabelhofer - Voice
Jaan Bossier - Clarinet
Fantasia - Salsafuerte
Klaus Graf - saxophone, flute
Veit Hübner - double bass
Claus Reichstaller - trumpet
Joachim Leyh - drums
Gregor Hübner - piano, violin
Eric Dürrer - percussion, vocals
Rya Grijt - vocals, percussion
Jérôme Goldschmidt - percussion
Al Cantar Tus Flores - Maria Tejada
This is a great album produced by my friend and great musician Donald Regnier and wonderful singer Maria Tejada. The album was recorded in 2008 in Ecuador and France.
You will hear traditional Afro-Ecuadorien music as well as sounds from other parts of South America and the Caribbean.
Many musicians played on this album and I am very pleased to have been part of this project.
Racing Mind - New Music For Strings - Sirius String Quartet, Gregor Huebner, Mike Block & The Academy Collective 21
The recordings for this CD were made in 2007/08 at the State Academy in Ochsenhausen. The repertoire consists of four commissioned compositions by Gregor Huebner for the Academy which also premiered there in various concerts.
The Academy Collective 21, Klaus K. Weigele
Soloists: Mike Block (vlc), Gregor Huebner (vl), Sirius String Quartet (Chern Hwei Fung, Gregor Huebner, Ron Lawrence, Mike Block)
Members of the orchestra: Jerome Goldschmidt (perc), Claus Reichstaller (tr), Andi Maile (sax), Heike Rückert (bklar), Marion Weigele (fl), David Föll (horn)
Violin: Klaus Kattner, Katharina Landsberg, Claudia Reber, Michael Speth, Liv Solvig Wagner
Viola: Katarzyna Bugala, Manuel Dengler, Barnaba Poprawski, Samuel Sauter
Violoncello: Sabine Binder, Ferdinand Gerstetter, David Schwartz, Florian Stimma
Bass: Veit Huebner, Joel Locher, Matthias Werner
bridges - Chiemi Nakai & Emmanuel Bizeau
Produced by Chiemi Nakai & Emmanuel "Manu" Bizeau in NYC in 2008.
Chiemi Nakai - piano
Emmanuel "Manu" Bizeau - percussion
Juan Carlos Formell - bass
William "Beaver" Bausch - drums
Carlos del Pino - bass
Richie Flores - percussion
Jorge Bringas - bass
Marvin Diz - percussion
Roberto Pitre - flute
Ludwig Alfonso - drums
Mario Rodriguez - bass
Mari Koga - vocal
Noriko Ueda - bass
Mike Herscher - bass
Jerome Goldschmidt - drums
Jimmy Bosch - trombone